Tuesday, March 23, 2010


oh, da masok tahon 2010..just realized that i got a blog, this blog..my first entry in 2010 n nw it is march..wow!aku rajen mnulis and its proven..even bulan 3 da, butter late than never kan?well, this sem is killing me..the same lec for two subjects, n diz lec who is a master holder mnjadi seorang yg judgemental..poor u lady, poor u miss, shame of your perspective, shame of your low-thinking thought..by insulting my hair, my image, it didnt reflect your image as a master holder..is it being rebellious with this hairstyle??open up you eyes lady, but i dont blame you, i blame our generation gap, specifically i blame ur generation..(pergh, over gilak!)haha..take a look at yours first, then come back n fuck up my image..but its ok, this lady has right to say anything, like i give a damn bout it..so many people i've annoyed, and this lady is one of them, she is worth hating..this sem is the last sem kt s alam n i'm gonna miss this place, arghh, tergwang plak..dlm hati ada taman kot..i hope i can survive this sem, those subjects keep haunting me, rugi wo jd part 6..n this sem will be the last sem for me n my hair..we are together for a long time n next sem, they will be gone, forever..by not forgetting you my hair, i came up with a thought so that those judgmental people will stop insulting you, dear..it sounds like this "Hairstyle does not reflect the act of rebellious, so stop being judgmental with your fuckin' thought"(Asyraf, 2010)..yeah, i knew its not the right thing to write up in this first entry..sorry people, but let me tell u a fact, no, not a fact, a theory, Youngsters suppose to make mistakes, so they can learn from them!u can grab it, think about it, and you will find this statement is unarguable!people, you are allowed to make mistakes!!so do i!!(budget muda lg..)..ciaw baybeh!